Finetec Transparent Watercolor 30mm - 12 Colors

Finetec Transparent Watercolor 30mm - 12 Colors


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Create beautiful watercolor art with these high-quality and lightfast German paints, made by the original Finetec manufacturer Finetec GmbH. They come in a sturdy metal case whose lid can be used as a palette for mixing colors. The watercolor pans are removable and replaceable. A paintbrush is also included.

This set features transparent watercolors, which allow underlying layers of paint to show through so that you can create subtly blended and layered watercolor effects. 

This set includes 12 colors: Blue Green, Burnt Sienna, Carmine, Lamp Black, Prussian Blue, Raw Umber, Ultramarine, Vermilion, Violet, Yellow, Yellow Green, and Yellow Ochre.

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