Daniel Smith Hand-Poured Watercolour Half Pan Set - Colors of Inspiration

Daniel Smith

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Colors of Inspiration Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan Set.  Artists are excited by color and find themselves inspired by new, juicy colors which is exactly what our Colors of Inspiration Half Pan Set is designed to do!

These six unusual colors, found only in DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, are gorgeous colors on their own, as mixers with one another, and mixed with the other colors on your palette. These colors have become favorites of many artists because they are unique colors, and add a touch of wonderful color to their paintings.

Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan Set of 6 colors with BONUS travel case and 9 empty pans. Total quantity: 16 pcs.

The set includes these DANIEL SMITH Watercolors in Half Pans: ( * indicates color unique to DANIEL SMITH.)

  • Wisteria*
  • Lavender*
  • Rose of Ultramarine*
  • Moonglow*
  • Shadow Violet*
  • Serpentine Genuine* (PrimaTek Watercolor)

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