Silver Brush Atelier Squirrel Quill 5025S-70

Silver Brush

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From the Silver Brush Atelier line of brushes comes the Quill Series Squirrel hair brush. Perfect for use with watercolor paints, their silky smooth black squirrel hair holds maximum amounts of color or water.

Atelier Quill Series Squirrel hair brushes allow watercolor paints to flow onto your paper or fabric in sweeping strokes. They're also ideal for adding fine details.

Atelier™ Squirrel Hair Quills are silky smooth and they hold a maximum amount of liquid so that color flows onto silk or paper in sweeping storkes that add detail blending marks to your painting.

Squirrel Hair Quill - Silky smooth, good for watercolors, maximum color carrying capacity | Sizes: 40, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120​

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