Tsukineko Brilliance Full-Size Pad

Tsukineko Brilliance Full-Size Pad


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  • Beautiful color array of pearlescent and matte-finish pigment inks, choose from 34 attractive colors
  • Air-dries naturally on vellum, glossy cardstock and many other surfaces
  • Drying time varies depending on surface texture and weight; Can be heat-set to speed drying (if desired), can also be embossed with embossing powders (sold separately)
  • Premium quality inkpad, made by Tsukineko-a world leader in colored inkpads for art materials; Inkers are available (sold separately) to refresh inkpad as necessary
  • Also included: plastic inner liner to prevent drying of the pad; Swatch color onto the stickers (included) and apply to side of pad for quick and easy color identification when pads are stacked

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